Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 3 of Diclectin

I took my 1 pill last night before bed instead of the 2, and although I fell back to sleep when Ryan left for work, I am feeling much better today. When I woke up, I took 1/2 a pill instead of a whole one and WOW... what a difference today! I am wide awake, I am alert, I am doing pretty darn good!!

I'll still take my 1 full one this afternoon because the evenings are the worst for me, but I am starting to get the hang of this Diclectin stuff!! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Captain's Log

Day 2 of my confinement.
I have been taken down by Diclectin.
Anti-nausea, my ass.
What is that? In front of me? The world is hazy. My eyes... barely stay open.
Sleep.... consumes me....

All this to say, Diclectin is making me groggy as all hell and although it does get rid of SOME of my nausea, I'm not convinced the trade-off is worth it. I can barely keep my eyes open......


Monday, February 22, 2010

Doc's Appointment

I was very excited for my doctor's appointment today. I've never been this far along in a pregnancy before!! It's little things like this that excited me, haha.

Everything looks good. PRAISE GOD!! My doc tried to hear the baby's heartbeat, but she couldn't hear it. She told me not to freak out, that it's most likely because I am just too early along so I do feel confident still. She answered all of my questions:

- Yes, I can still lead a vegetarian lifestyle, as long as I get my designated protein. In turn, it is also good that I am drinking lots of protein shakes rather than getting my protein any other way. Meat = ew. Eggs = double ew. Tofu = triple ew. (which is weird, considering I normally looooove eggs and tofu!!)

- DRUGS!!! I get to go on anti-nausea drugs!!! YAY!!! Perhaps I can begin leading a more normal life again. I am happy for this, although I swore my whole life that I would never take any kind of drug while pregnant. But, I just couldn't handle it anymore. I can't do anything without scanning the room for somewhere to spew. So now... I am hopefully good to go. Fingers crossed!!

- First ultrasound: March 12th. I am excited for this. I've had about 100 ultrasounds in the last 2 years and this will be the first time I actually get to see a little human!! I am pumped, and scared, but mostly excited.

All in all, everything is GREAT!! I haven't really allowed myself to get too excited yet, because the heartache from last time is still fresh in my memory. But after today, I am feeling a little bit more confident. Names are popping up in my head every 20 seconds or so (my list is 20 names long... with 2 predominant names... woo!) and I actually walked by the baby section at Wal-Mart today and didn't cry!! PROGRESS!! Hahahahaha ... I may even have to go buy a pair of little sockies. Yup... I think that's on the shopping list ;)

So YAY!! All of our close friends and family know now, so I am super happy about that. All that needs to be done......

Is for 7 months to go by like *snap!*

Friday, February 19, 2010

Love #1

Well, I considered not mentioning this for a few more weeks, but I don't think anyone actually reads my blog anyways... partly because I rarely update it, and partly because the last year or so my posts have been ridiculously depressing. I've re-read them, and I am so grateful I am not in that horrible place anymore.

We haven't announced this to any friends (so PLEASE don't go posting on my Facebook wall, or publicly emailing me or anything!), but our entire families know mostly because none of my or Ryan's parents can keep a secret! But, it is official: We are pregnant. We are due September 24, 2010. Today, I am 9 weeks on the dot... and things are going MUCH better than last time. During my last pregnancy, today would be the day I found myself in the hospital, and I am so, so grateful that things are a million times better this time around.

That being said...

I used to get soo angry with people who complained about morning sickness. Seriously. I would have given anything in the world for morning sickness. I wanted a baby - I wanted my baby so much I would have taken morning sickness over the pain and misery in my heart. But I obviously had NO idea what morning sickness was!! OH. MY. GOONESS. It is the most horrible feeling in the world!! Seriously! I am nauseous from 6:23am when I wake up, and I get gradually worse throughout the day until I'm vomiting all evening until we make it to bed! I have gingerale on standby throughout the day, I am stuffing my face with absolutely anything I can find (food makes the nausea dissipate for a fraction of a second. So, to keep it going, I don't stop eating!), and I can't even drive anywhere without scanning the roads to be aware of all places I can pull over when the feeling hits.

In short... this isn't fun.

Please don't get me wrong - I am NOT complaining in the least! I LOVE that I am sick. I LOVE that my breasts feel like there are tiny men climbing up them with spiked shoes and picks. I LOVE that this pregnancy is the total OPPOSITE of the last one. I love that I have HOPE during this pregnancy, when the last time all I felt was defeat, stress, and constant worry.

But man alive!!!

I cannot WAIT for September 24th, or whenever this little one decides to show his/her face. I am taking notes from The Secret, that things ARE going to work out well this time around, and that I WILL have a baby at the end of this. Our lives ARE going to start in 2010. No more being on hold. No more saddness. No more sleep. :) I cannot wait. Our lives are going to change forever, and I am so grateful I have the most amazing man ever to stand by me while we jump head first into the unknown.

I'll keep ya updated on the progress, if you care to read!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I haven't been posting much, and I have my reasons for this fact. But today, I am sitting here in my office while Ryan is watching some sort of silly horror movie, and pondering what Valentine's Day really is. And I have to be honest... I think V-Day is ridiculous. It is a man-made holiday to force people into purchasing ridiculous gifts for each other. Why do I need a $100 perfume? I sure as hell don't need chocolates (I've gained enough already in the past few years!). And as much as I would love flowers, I'd much prefer them throughout my days for "no reason at all's" rather than Ryan feeling obligated to purchase me over-priced flowers for V-Day.

So, in short, we didn't do anything for V-day this year. I bought him a funny card at the dollar store, and after reading it, he gave it back to me and said "Happy Valentine's Day!" hahahaha

And I know a lot of women who would FREAK at their husbands for not doing anything for V-day. In fact, I remember a particular incident where a friend of mine, as a newly wed, was FURIOUS at her new husband for forgetting V-day. I mean, FURIOUS. And she ranted and raved to me for quite awhile about how she couldn't believe she married someone who wouldn't even bother to by her flowers for V-day. I mean... seriously. The poor guy just dropped $15,000 on your wedding not too long ago, give him a break! It always makes women angry when I side with the men hahaha. But in all honesty, I tend to side with the men.

But all of this was basically to say, I don't need a certain day to tell my husband I love him, or for him to tell me he loves me. We tell each other and show each other that every single day. We love spending time with each other, we miss each other when we're not together, and frankly he calls me 80,000 times a day while he's at work just to prove to me how much he truly loves me. I couldn't ask for a better husband, and a lifetime of Valentine's Days.

So Ryan, even though there are no flowers or chocolates on the table today from you, it doesn't matter. You've given me sooo much more than I could ever ask for and for that - I thank you! Happy Valentine's Day, my love. I can't wait to see what this year brings for us!!