About Me

Adventures in Geremialand began in 2009 when my husband Ryan and I were newlyweds, renovating our new house, and finding out we were pregnant the first time. We lost that baby, and even though we never got to meet him or her, that baby changed our lives and our world. The loss of that baby rocked our world, and I wrote through it all... as depressing as it is to re-read. I wrote throughout our continued plans to get pregnant again, and the frustrations of how long it took us. 

But, after 2 years of trying, we were finally excited to find out we were pregnant and due in September 2010.

Aryn was born September 14, 2010 and our lives haven't been the same since. She is hilarious, crazy, sweet, caring, and a lover of all animals. She makes us laugh every day and gives us a reason to continue striving for a better world. 

I love meeting up with old friends, sipping coffee while watching Ice Age for the eight thousandth time, playing Draw Something, taking my dog Bauer for numerous walks a day, pretending to cook, doing absolutely anything and everything with my daughter, shopping, arguing with Ryan, and Lululemon straight pants. 

Welcome to my blog. It's a place I hope you are entertained, fulfilled, and made to feel part of our family. It's a place where I can combine my loves: my family, and my photography hobby. It's a place I hope you look to for entertaining stories and for hope that life does get better, even if you've suffered loss or despair.